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Considering calling this baby stoney, just because I’ve had SO many test. Of course, we could also call her glucose — but stoney somehow seems more feminine. :)

This morning I went in for my ultrasound, and while they couldn’t tell me anything of use — she did scan the baby. She said she’d put MONEY on the fact that this one is a girl. She did get a pretty good look, if I do say so myself. Pictures are really fun at this stage (32 weeks’ish). Look at that profile. Looks just like her adorable mom. Oh, and watch her cut-off my bile duct just for fun. Kidding, we didn’t get a picture of that. :) Can’t believe how big her feet were! I’m used to tiny little 18 week feet. I havne’t seen her on the big screen for a while. The tech was nice enough to print out some photos. Nice of her.
So, I finally got hold of my doctor. The initial radiology report says no stones, or blockage. However, because of the pains I do have they’ve put me on disability. I just informed Drew that meant that I was entirely done. No cooking, no cleaning, no work from me. I’m a couch girl from now on. He didn’t find it particularly amusing. Go figure. So, that’s me now — hopefully I don’t lose my mind being here every day, day and day out… for weeks. Wish me luck. :)
Just thought I’d mention there is no cure for galstones when you’re pregnant. The normal curative procedure is surgery, but it’s too hard to get to with the baby in the way, squishing everything. Part of me wonders if it does have something to do with my liver, and perhaps the bile duct not draining well — but I’m not sure we’l ever know.

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  1. says

    ick. so sorry.

    I spent a week in the hospital with the last pregnancy, kidney stones and kidney infection. double ick.

    I feel your pain. Really.

    Eat a bon bon for me.

  2. says

    Joel’s sister had to have her gall bladder out while 30 weeks pregnant. It was that, or die, apparently. It was pretty scary and definitely hard on her.

    You stay on the couch. Drew can deal.

  3. says

    Just FYI, if it is your gallbladder 90% of gallbladder issues are caused by emotional stress. My boss treats gallbladder and liver stuff all the time nutritionally and has never had a patient need surgery after receiving treatment. There are also things you can consume nutritionally that break down gal stones. Just thought you’d like to know. If I hadn’t seen it first hand I wouldn’t believe it but I have MANY times….They do call my boss the witch doctor tho so maybe it’s magic 😉

    P.S. An old wives trick: Lemon Juice helps gallbladder pain. If you didn’t already know that.

  4. says

    What beautiful baby pictures. I too was a victim of pregnancy pain and nine months after delivering boy #1 I had my gallbladder out. It was kind of funny (ironic funny) how it happened. I’ll have to tell you sometime. I hope everything goes well, and I didn’t realize how far along you were. I know, I know. When you aren’t pregnant, it’s always faster.

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