Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moments of Pride

The shift to being back at home is tiring, as is any shift. I'm slowly remembering my kids don't listen to me, they talk the entire day and they are exceedingly slow... so I have to take joy in the tiny things.:
1. P is awfully tiny, and it's fun to find joy in her. I have yet to have to yell at her, or ask her to stop talking. She does babble every now and then, but I can totally take that kind of talk. I love it when she pauses for my answer, and then goes on.
2. I wrote a funny facebook status update.
3. My kids had pool stuff piled precariously on the passenger seat of the minivan and I had to make a quick stop at a stoplight, my hand shot-out and caught all of it -- pretty proud of myself I am.
Really, it's the little things (because the big things only happen a couple of times a year).

1 comment:

  1. GO HILLY!!! you have had a great day. enjoy the rest of it


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