TMI Tuesday: Pelvic Floor

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Ahhh, the 3 men who read my blog just clicked off.  So long fellows….

So, what is your pelvic floor and how is it different than just a regular crunch?  Why, I’m so glad you asked.

Your pelvic floor is an area of muscle and tissue that supports your uterus, bladder, and all those lower abdominal things (thereby also helping to support the rest of your thoracic cavity.  Women who don’t have strong pelvic floors often have bladder leakage, uterine prolapse, etc.). At that “time of the month” the pelvic floor relaxes and you find you have more of those issues at that point, it only lasts a couple of days and then you’re back up and set to go (although, if you strengthen it, even that won’t happen).

So, why is it important to work?  Well, it’s going to to do many things, help with bladder leakage, help that baby tummy to go away, help support your utuerus for subsequent pregnancies (or keep it nice, high and healthy as you age) and for me, help my tailbone.  Apparently I have one side of my pelvic floor that is tighter than the other, so by working the whole thing I’m hoping to help that problem (btw, the steroid has kicked into full gear now, I’m so happy).

I really like Lindsay’s Core Firing Sequence because she actually gets that part of your body activated, and in women that’s super important.  I am doing that video 3 times a week (on the days I don’t do a full AM workout) and I do the “homework” nightly.  She reminds you how important it is to tuck that tummy in all the day (and if you picture the tuck starting from the tip of your tailbone, that sometimes helps to activate your pelvic floor) and while I so far haven’t gotten great at that, I’m working on it. 

Hilary: a work in progress. :)

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    Who knew!? Well obviously you did :) Been having tons of those issues lately and it’s making me feel really old…I’m only 40.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog…if you hadn’t, I wouldn’t have just read this great information about the very issue I have been concerned about all week. Thanks Hilary.

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