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Why Are All the Good Teachers Crazy?I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs who are participating in some sort of gratitude posting to increase the gratitude in our world… part of me just thinks that’s silly.  I would hope that my gratitude for my blessings just oozes from my blog… and I’m really being serious.  I am so consistently amazed at all the things God has given me.  I feel so very blessed.
But I was watching our family movie on Sunday and I was thinking about all the amazing teachers that Conner has had.  He’s approaching the end of his days of elementary school.  I remember being SO GLAD to be done with elementary school.  I wasn’t particularly enamored with my 6th grade teacher and I was ready to MOVE. ON.  I’m not sure that Conner feels that way.  I know he knows that all of the teacher he has had truly care SO much about him and what goes on his life.  What a great feeling to know so many people are pulling for him.  I know that if he ever had a problem there are several teachers at the school that he could easily go to talk through a problem with.  It’s so nice that so many people are vested in him.

I don’t really remember that feeling.  I remember it more in high school with a few really great teachers there… but elementary, I never really felt like my teachers loved me and were attached to how I was growing up.

Anyway, I feel REALLY blessed with the people who have put so much time and effort into my kids lives.  Spencer also has an A-amazing teacher this year.  Last year’s teacher was great, but I can tell he is more attached to this teacher, as I hear her quoted a lot around my hose.  He even invited her to his birthday party, and while she does have a prior commitment, she’s going to come for dinner.

Heaven help her.

Anyway, are teachers just better then they used to be?  Am I just getting the cream of the crop somehow?  I do feel exceedingly lucky in this area.  I hope you have amazing teachers too. :)

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    Your constant gratitude lifts me up, so no worries there. As for teachers, I think you’ve gotten a lucky draw. We have LOVED one teacher, and not been as thrilled with the rest. The teacher who loved her job, and really cared about each child, was easy to love for sure!

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    I’ve loved Paige’s two teachers so far. I didn’t know that Conner was up for 5th grade pres, saw the snazzy brochure. Wishing him luck!

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