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I’m feeling a bit ungrateful, especially with my own personal unwillingness to mention all of my blessings on Facebook.  Honestly, Facebook just isn’t big enough to hold all the things that I am blessed with.

It would be easy to sit back and look at a year that has ruined us.  Our life is so different then it was last Thanksgiving, and yet eerily similar.  Just a state away.

Different: New jobs, for both of us.  What a blessing.  After taking a step back I’m amazed that both of us were able to find employment in such a recession.  Huge blessing.  Drew laid off on March 15th and we both had jobs within 3 months in a new home.

Same:  Friends from church are coming for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  We haven’t lived by family in years and it’s always nice to know that there is “family” wherever you go.  Love learning from the different ladies cooking styles…

Different:  Drew just killed a scorpion that was on the screen outside.  Ew.  Blessed to have an amazing husband.  Scorpions are just something I’m living with.

Same:  I’m working.  I always work Thanksgiving.  This year I’m working night shift and I’m kind of in a panic about how that will all work out, but I am grateful for a job that I’ve been able to slip easily into.

Different: Home.  Hi, I won’t have to balance the turkey on the sink while I try to get it onto a carvings board.  Excited about the kitchen.  Also the fact that we can house all of us.  The house is a huge blessing.  The location, the layout, the fact that it’s all ours (well, 21% ours and 79% the bank’s, but I digress).  Lovely.  The house.

Same: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I just love how technology makes some things just the same.  For instance, my blog hasn’t changed location. :) 

Different: Weather.  I just put holiday music on my phone and was listening to it on a walk today.  Hard to get in the festive mood when it’s 80 degrees outside, but hey, it’s only 80 degrees. :)

Same:  We are amazingly blessed.  We were blessed last year, and we are this year.  Joy overfills our cups and we aren’t sure how we got so lucky.  Same as every year.

Different:  I think this year we just have a little bit more knowledge of how lucky we are.  It puts me in a mood to be REALLY thankful.  Also different, I’ve decided not to use a Reynolds Oven Bag, and instead use the Alton Brown turkey recipe.  Wish me luck. :)

I hope you ponder how God changes your life for the good this weekend.  I know I’ll have a lot of quality time to do that as I am working night shift tomorrow.  Life goes on, and isn’t it grand?  I’m so glad I didn’t jump off the plane.

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    Happy Thanksgiving! The older I get, the more I understand that saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

    So happy that everything turned out so lovely for you.

    Now, make your font color darker, pretty please. :)

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