About Me

Hi, I'm Hilary.

Born and raised in Utah, with small stints back East, I went to BYU and married my husband at the ripe age of 21.  I put him through school as a Nurse until he graduated and a few months later we had child #1.  We continued to live in Utah until we'd had our fill and then headed to the bay area of California where we lived for 10 delightful years.

Then, after a state layoff my husband, who works as a band teacher, found a  new job in the great state of Arizona sending us spinning into the dessert.

I continue to work very part time as a labor and delivery nurse, recruiting new moms and getting my fill of babies.  I'm very involved at our school and I love my kids more then I ever thought I would.

I love cooking, reality TV, and being warm on the couch.  Working on not yelling, being less overweight and making sure my marriage is as strong as it can be.

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