Friday, September 29, 2006


I'm a huge ER fan. Not so much anymore, but I swear we'll be in a room, in a tense situation at work... and someone says, "hey, do you remember that episode on ER?"... and we all smile. It's a common bond amongst nurses... just can't let it go, even though the series has definately gone downhill.
Anyhow.... oh, and they changed the MUSIC!!!! The openin credits is all weird. Makes me sad.
Anyway.... Abby's had a baby and the baby's in the NICU and is gonna die and her mom's there, baby pulls through. Abby and her mom have had a lot of issues but all the sudden the baby's in the mix and Abby realizes how important a mom is and how many things are easy for your kids to think you've messed up on.
Anyway, it was just a great reminder about how as teenagers and young college kids we all think our parents stink... and then we bring that bundle of joy home and we're instantly remmebering that our parents tried just as hard as we are.
Anyway, random, I know....


  1. Watched it and thought the same thing.

  2. Wow - Abby had a baby? Who is the dad? We haven't watched that show in years but we used to be big fans. Now I got hooked on Grey's but it is more like a soap opera - lot fluffier than ER.


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