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Sadly, friends I am still a big ER watcher. Well, maybe I wouldn’t define myself as a “big” fan (besides in girth) — but I still watch it. I am fairly sure it has to do with the nurse in me.
So, yesterday I’m watching last Thursday’s episode (frankly, I think if I were a big fan I would’ve watched it on Friday) and the chaplain tells this story about a little boy who wants to move a giant rock. He goes and tells his mom he wants to use it. She says he can if he uses all of his strengths. So, he goes and tries on his own, he uses all of his strength but he’s unable to move the rock. So, he goes back to his mom and she comes and together they lift it. She then tells him that all of his strength involves using those around him to help him, when he was unable to do it on his own. Abby then uses this to help her stop drinking, and tell her husband that she had an affair (and yes, as I type this I am embarrassed that I still watch the show — but we all have our faults, right?).
I just really liked the story. It’s so true that people can’t do things on their own. We are so likely to turn down help when we are unable to do things on our own (and oddly, we often look for help in things we could easily do on our own).
Anyway, just my thoughts for the day. I hope my friends always know that I’m here to help them lift any “stones” in their lives.
And no one’s asked any questions about photography. I guess I answered them all. :) Hopefully all the people that commented last time actually want a photo photoshopped, since that’s who I’ll be picking from. In case you didn’t see my “big” give-away it’s 2 posts down with my photoshopping skills. :)

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  1. says

    Great analogy.

    I had to learn that lesson when I was pregnant with Chloe. The only reason I didn’t learn it when I was pregnant with Bria was because I didn’t have other kids to take care of and I was too prideful to ask for help. :)

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