Sunday, May 01, 2011

Photo Friday: 2 days late for a 2 year old

First off, an Easter shot.  The one of all 3 of them was apparently less then stellar.  But look at our little norseman as she hunts away. She wasn't feeling very well on Easter weekend.  She did love putting the eggs in her bucket though, and eating them, and general tom foolery. :)

This first one is pretty much how my little Easter shoot went.  Spencer kept thinking he could make Paige smile by talking to her.  Conner couldn't keep his fragile little eyes open because there was sunlight.  {sigh}  I had done really well at not yelling at them all week.  That ended about 2 seconds after I shot this photo. :)

We finally tried the ol' count to 3 and open your eyes with Conner, and I think we're all looking at the camera here... even if we're not particularly pleased...

I wish I'd had frilly socks on Miss P instead of tights but it was a chilly day.  When I was done with those crazy boys I did a few of our almost 2 year old.  She's such a poser.  Look at those eyes!

Love those curls on the back of her head.  The top of her hair has issues, but the back.  Well I hope her whole head gets into the curly party sometime soon.

And let's be clear, the girl has a wild side.  She can make you suffer.  Just ask anyone who atteded playgroup on Friday, or Mormon Helping Hands yesterday.  Hello two.

And finally one of the mamma and the daughter.  I thought we needed one with our sweaters.

It was a lovely weekend.  I really enjoy Easter and how we can really think about our Savior and the many blessings he provides us daily, including that of being able to live again. 
And don't forget the cute dresses.  Those are nice too. :)

And a final photo of Mormon Helping Hands day.  We have gone the past 2 years to a nature preserve where we get weeds out of other things that also look like weeds, but apparently that makes them happy so we're happy to serve. :)  The boys were really hard workers, I was really proud of them.  P, not so much... but she tried. :)


  1. Your kids are adorable!!

    I love the picture of you and Paige... look at your curls. BEAUTIFUL.

    oh and I just love people that use the word "tom foolery" it makes me smile. :)

  2. Hi! :D I just stumbled upon your blog. Your kids are SO CUTE! There is something I like about you... maybe it is that you are REAL. I'm real, too; I think we could be friends. :)

    I'll be back...
    Corine :D


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