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Schools out soon around here and it’s time to get on the summer learning train.

I went to Lakeshore and came out with these 2 books:

A few thoughts:

1.  I like the summer bridge because it gives a little bit of everything each day or every other day.  S will be bouncing around the brainquest workbook.

2.  I like the brainquest workbook because it’s full color and more engaging.  A little bit more “learning is fun” type feeling.  BUT, I think I’ll get him the summer bridge next year.

3.  You’ll notice my kids grades aren’t what they’re doing.  Both are ahead a grade.  I also got smaller math books that are more specific to where they are at.  Make sure you open the books and look at the problems and get one where your child is “at”.

4.  I have an intricate color-coded system for S’s workbook and what he should do each day, he will love it. :)

5.  Along with these I hope to do some special “fun” projects I’ve found on pintrist lately… If anyone else has “fun things to do with kids” board I’d love it if you’d link to it in the comments.

6.  My plan is about 45 minutes of “desk” work (aka workbooks) and then 15 minutes of a “project” (we rotate between art, music and PE) and then something “fun” when I’m off.

8.   Princess P also has workbooks and I will use her busy bags to help fill her hour up.  I need to make sure to stick with reading with her, and I’m sure the older two would love to read her books if they’re finished early.

7.  Last summer is pretty well a blur, and I’m not sure how we worked our schedule here, but here’s my rough draft:

Before 8: Get ready/get jobs done
8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Outside activity (blech, Arizona! — but if it is a PE day or a day that they need to weed, we need to get it in early!)
9:00 Worksheets (read after worksheets if there is extra time)
10: 00 Extra activity
11:00 Playtime/ finish jobs if needed (I am planning on having some extra jobs availble if they want to earn more money during the summer)
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Reading/Naps
2:00 Quiet activities
3:00 Computer time for child #1 — I have a subscription to “alex” this summer, and I’m hoping it gets used a lot!  I really try to make sure this is learning time, not just computer games.
3:30 Computer time for child #2
4:00 Electonics if earned (by doing all your jobs and being quiet during reading/naps)
5:00 Get dinner ready

I also really want to do playdates, but the schedule will have to flex on those days.  I do plan on the morning remaining fairly stable.  Fingers crossed.  I actually only plan on 4 days of learning/week because I’m also hoping for some fun field trips or trips to the pool that fill up one day.

So, do you have big summer plans?  I’m sure many of you aren’t out of school for a while, but I’m excited to get a jump on our fun.  We pretty well missed our summer last year!

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  1. says

    I cannot stick to such a strict schedule, so I just make sure they get their chores done, read for an hour and do any assigned worksheets (last year I was more lax on this, I do plan on being better this year) before they can do fun stuff. I’m hoping to make a sort of schedule for the afternoons, like Monday we go to the library and Tuesday we go to the beach, etc.

  2. says

    I love a schedule! Yours looks great!!

    I found a great article on Pinterest that I’ll try to find… but here is our rough outline of our Summer…

    Jobs and studying in the morning and then the rest of the week…

    Masterpiece Monday (art/craft projects)

    Take a trip Tuesday (the park, a museum, a bike ride, a field trip to a historic place, a picnic, a friend’s house…)

    Wet Wednesday (swim/go to a spash pad/play in the sprinklers)

    anyThing goes Thursday (choose from the Summer List • Friday Friend day (play dates… plus Family Movie/Pizza Night)

    As I mentioned on your facebook post we’re also doing screen free days on MWF… it’s going to be a pain for him and me… but I’m hoping that it helps around he (because he is far too connected to devices!)


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