Thursday, January 17, 2013

Playroom Organizing

When we moved here I felt the choirs of heaven open up as I walked into what I was going to make our playroom.  Lots of space, and plenty of room to bank of cabinets.  Oh. JOY.  I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

But even with all that "space" we still rotate toys.

Here's what one set looks like.

The bottom 3 shelves are fair game, bu the top 2 shelves are not.  They are not to gt into them.  You'll also see I've thrown a bunch of toys up there and they aren't particularly as tidy as I would like them.  I also don't tend to pack the lower shelves FULL of toys.  I want to keep it plenty of room to put them away so that's not the reason they're all out all over the floor.  No bueno.  I swap the toys about every month or so.  P has a separate smaller cabinet that gets switched out every month.  And then every 2-3 months I switch out the larger banks of cabinets (there are 2 others that look like this one above).
And in other news, with so many toys why aren't my kids ALWAYS in that playroom playing to their hearts content?  WHY I ASK YOU!? :)
** MomHack -- since we created these shelves ourselves I made sure that bins would fit in them.  The woman who did our measuring initially was going to make them too small to put the bins in, but I requested they be a few inches larger.  Genius.  Me.  Genius.  Ok, maybe only a few times a year. :)

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