Four Favorites Friday: The final sippy cup version

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Cooking Light (1-year)1.  Cooking Light Magazine.  I got this for a steal a year or so ago and I LOVE it!  There’s more then just eating right, there’s lifestyle info and lots of GREAT recipes (you’ll notice on my menu plan Monday that a lot of stuff comes from here).  I realy like that they throw in a piece of bacon or a dash of cream every now and then too.  Just shows you can be healthy and have a little splurge every now and then.
2.  Sudafed.  Darn cold season is lasting forever around here.  Ibuprophen and Sudafed makers are GENIUS.  LOVE THEM!  :)
3.  Butternut squash.  Pre-cut courtesy of Trader Joe’s.  It’s delicious in tacos and P loves it for lunch, steamed.  I’m glad becuase the gal doesn’t love a whole lot of veggies.  Shame on her.
Playtex The First Sipster Spill-Proof Cup 7 oz - 2 Pack (Colors Vary)4.  She picks up her own sippy cup!  I know — blah, blah, blah sippy cups, but it’s pretty big around here.  Sometimes you realize you just need to set the bar and the kids will rise to it.  Even if it takes a month. :)  We’re switching to milk now (we had a bunch of extra formula cans) and she’s a big, big girl.  Can someone hand me a tissue to dab my eyes… I miss my baby and her bottle time a little bit….  And I promise, last sippy cup (unless I find an amazing one, which is moderately unlikely. :)

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    sippy cup grabbing is a big achievement! i’m still working on getting my 8 month old to hold her own bottle….she’s such a diva she thinks mommy should do it for her, haha. :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog. i really appreciate your comment! come on by again!

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