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Using informational text in your child's learning is super important.  That's how they will gain information as an adult, and will likely be tested to get into college!I just went to a little writing thing at our elementary school.

On a sidenote, we pay over 10k for people to come teach our teachers how to help our kids write.  And like 6 parents showed up to the meeting they present for the parents.


I digress.  The meeting was about informational writing and personally, I kind of had an eye roll… but at the beginning of the meeting she presented how testing tests our kids (and while I am pretty well against testing our kids they are a fact of life and I do want my kids to do well on them).

Sure, there might be a fiction piece, but the rest are informational piece.  Did anyone read an excerpt from Harry Potter on the SAT’s or was it something about plant photosynthesis.

I hate photosynthesis.  Sure it keeps me alive, but I almost died over in college.

I am side-tracking.

Anyway, our kids NEED to learn how to ingest informational writing.  They need to know how how to get information from a book and spit it back out again.  And here I am reading fiction piece after fiction piece to them.  Frankly, because they’re fun.  But, I need to throw some informational pieces in there.  And the best way to learn about something is to write about it, in my book.

Anyway, so my MomHack for the day is to get some informational books next time you’re at the library.  Your kids will thank you for it (ok, they won’t but it’s still a good thing).

Do you read informational to your kids?  The teacher also brought some examples of narrative informational which helps give information but is also fun at the same time.  Like this book:

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    There was a big push at the school I taught at for reading informational books. Lots of teachers balked and said the kids would hate them but we were all a little surprised when the kids loved them! After a few weeks, I had to remind my students to read fiction, too. If you can find topics that the kids are interested in, they can really get lost in all the interesting facts…granted this is a lot more fun at the elementary school age where informational books are full of cool pictures and fun facts.

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