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Coos to Snooze

Got a baby you wish would sleep better?  Check out this cool course that GUARANTEES your baby to be sleeping better.  Rachel is a great friend and writer, and a mother of four.  She knows her stuff!

Owlet Baby Monitor

Wish you could have an extra pair of eyes in the nursery.  Now you can.  Owlet will alert you if you baby's heart rate or oxygen saturation gets out of range.  As a reader from Pulling Curls, I have negotiated a promotional discount for $20 off when you shop through this link.  

Read more about in my full post on Owlet Baby Monitors.

Online Prenatal Class For Couples

Too busy to get an in person prenatal class?  I've been a labor and delivery nurse since 2001 and in teaching my own classes I decided to bring them to the internet.  

If you or someone you know is pregnant be sure to check it out and see if it might help ease a few fears you've had.​

Getting Ready To Breastfeed

Up until recently, I have had to recommend an in-person class for anyone wanting to breastfeed.  

 I had seen a few online courses, but they didn't provide what I wanted -- a holistic approach to breastfeeding, that included both the mom AND the baby in their teachings.  

I have found it in Cindy and Jana -- I can totally recommend their course, Getting Ready to Breastfeed.  That one is free and then they also have a paid course (much more in depth and I would REALLY recommend this one if you're able to).  Huge helps for being prepared for breastfeeding.  

Breast truly is best, but being prepared for what is to come will help you in SO many ways as you have a newborn.  

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