Here are some of my favorite 

Pregnancy/Newborn Products!

I created my favorite product:  Prenatal Class you can do from your couch:

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Don't miss my post all about freebies for new moms!

Owlet Baby Monitor

The Owlet Baby Monitor is like an extra pair of eyes in the nursery.  

Track heart rate, oxygenation and more all with your phone from any location (even work). 

Hundreds of readers have loved it enough to buy it!  You can read my full post about it here.

Get your FREE Breast Pump

Aeroflow Health Care will help you navigate getting your breastpump from your insurance.

FYI, if you live in the US and have health insurance -- it is part of the Obamacare mandate that they provide it to you.

Each insurance is different (and confusing) so let them navigate it -- at no cost to you!

BloomLife Contraction Monitor

save on a bloomlife monitor

Bloom contraction monitor can save you from endless hours of worrying if "that" is a contraction!

Save 10% with code CURLS10 

I even have an email that will share why I think it's helpful:

Want a BloomLife Coupon code? -- just Click Here to save 10%

Wondering why I think it might be helpful -- I send you the details (and that coupon code) straight to your inbox:

Swado ~ The easiest Swaddler

The Swado Swaddler makes swaddling SO easy!

The innovative quiet velcro-like fabric allows you to give your baby that tight feeling they like, while not having anything scratchy near their delicate skin or that loud velcro to wake them up during a quick diaper change.

Breastfeeding Course

This online breastfeeding class is a great way to get educated on how to feed your child, on your own schedule!

Cindy and Jana are realistic breastfeeding coaches who will help you emmensely!

Save 20% with code PULLINGCURLS20

Hospital Bag for Delivery | mom to be | checklist | minimalist | C-section | essentials | labor | pregnancy
Know just what to bring

Totally free & Printable: Hospital Packing List

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Hilary Erickson, RN

Hilary received her Bachelor’s of science in Nursing from Brigham Young University in 1998. She has worked pediatric urgent care, nursinghome and hospice before making the big shift to labor and delivery in 2001.

Labor and delivery is her home, although she still dreams of being Julianna Margulies from ER every now and then.

She practiced labor and delivery in San Jose, CA for 10 years and moved to the Phoenix Area in Arizona in 2011, where she continues to practice labor and delivery.

She is ACLS, NRP and AWHONN fetal monitoring certified (like all good L&D nurses are)

She has taught her own in-person prenatal classes and really enjoys educating her patients as to what is going on.

She also almost threw up in prenatal class, and knows exactly how nervous you are.

Hilary has 3 children of her own and a husband who tolerates her talking about vaginas every now and then.

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