Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Summer "fun"

While I hope to re-live a lot of our funner moments here in the Bay Area for the next few weeks, we are also starting our summer schedules.

I'm a lover of the schedule.  Especially on long summer days with kids saying they have nothing to do.  So, here's this summer's rendition:

v  7-9                  Get-up, dressed, eat, responsibilities

v  9-10               Workbooks

v  10-10:30       Writing

v  10:30-11       Special Activity

v  11-12             Free time Outside

v  12-1               Lunch

v  1-2                  Reading Time

v  2-3                  Computer

v  3-4                  Free Play Time

v  4-5                  Wii/Computer/TV (if applicable)

It's a little different then last summer's becuase P's napping later in the day (I think last summer she still took 2 naps).

Each child has assigned jobs each day of the week, they also get an extra job during the summers.  Usually they get up around 7:30 and have that time to slowly get in gear.  My rule is that they don't earn the wii/computer time if they don't stay on task during the day.  They get one warning, and then that's gone.  It seems to work pretty well -- although I know that will wane as we get going into summer....

As far as workbooks go, I bought them at Costco.  They have assigned areas each day and I correct them all with them and we see what they did wrong.  SOMEONE in our house has a REAL problem being wrong.  He thinks life is the star test.  I wonder if I can break that this summer....

The kids have writing assignements each week.  Narrative, informational and book reports.  They also have a few writing prompts I give them to just write on a certain topic.  I am hoping Conner will put his on his blog to share with the world. :)

Special activity can be physical education tests, or science experiments or special art projets.  Lately it's been doctors appt's as we're trying to get everything done before we go.  Yes, that is a VERY special activity, I am aware. :)

For the first computer time they are obligated to learning/typing games.  We have a few good ones, although I'd like more for Conner's age (6th grade).  I'd figure there's some great math games out there or something for that age, but I'm not finding it.  Anyone?

And then the wii time is their reward for a hard day's work.

I think it's so great for them to know what's going on instead of a whole day of what's next....  Do you do summer schedules?  Are you shocked at how anal I am?  I am, midly.

In other news, we are still waiting to hear on the offer.  The deadlines is tomorrow AM at 9... trying to keep hopes high, although this family seems to be really out of touch as to the real estate issues in the area.  If it's meant to be, it will be.


{God is in charge}


  1. Yeah, I'm shocked and I'd say it's too much. All I will make Maya do is read for 30 minutes/day. The rest of the summer is for playtime! They have their WHOLE adult life to follow schedules and routines etc, but only a few summers of an already too short childhood. Let them play! I believe they learn best by playing anyway.

  2. I'm doing things a bit differently this year, but we'll still have a good schedule.

    We have a chore bucket and they each have to draw two chores out daily. These are on top of their regular chores like making bed, etc. and they are for earning spending money for our vacation in July. The chores are things that need to be done on a weekly basis, and I don't care when as long as they get done, so it's kind of fun to draw them.

    I have reading lists for them this year and they'll have to do book reports. And they are abnormally excited about this. I'm not going to do as much workbooking as we did last summer, but we'll do a bit. The rest of the day is theirs to do as they please, although computer and TV will be restricted (as usual).

  3. I'm not shocked my dear, I know you that well. In our house the schedule is more for me during the summer. My own sanity depends on having an order to things when we are all boxed up together. I do think they need to play, but I know where my littles struggle and I don't want them losing knowledge over the summer.

    We have fun. You do too, I know. Keep the schedule. A bit of routine helps when the rest of your life is crazy.

    I recently found a thing called Zoodles. Go to It's a web browser for kids. They block out everything that's not kid friendly, and you set their ages, and desired activities (learning or videos or whatever). They can go wherever they want, as long as the site approves. You should check it out. It also locks them out of the rest of your computer while they use it, so no accidental emailing of your family secrets when your back is turned. I put it on my phone too called "Kid Mode" and even the baby can play on the phone and not hit buttons he shouldn't. It's my new favorite app.

  4. I think felix should have been born into your family... He'd be so much more content with a schedule, I guess he'll have to learn flexibility in my crazy household and all the moves we've been through. I like the schedule and may have to steal it- but then I'd have to follow it and not sneak off to my sewing room or sit down w/ an oh so exciting breastfeeding text.

    One thing I've done w/ Felix, since he would have a meltdown when too many wrong answers would appear on his school work- was to say, I'm going to check your work in x-minutes, set timer and say, "why don't you go over it a few times to see if there's anything that needs to be corrected." then I come back and put a dot in pencil next to the problems that need correcting. Have him correct it and make sure I notice improvement in something difficult for him- like I saw you work really hard to make that 5 point in the correct direction or I noticed you slowed down to read that problem so you could work it out correctly. Eventually, he will grow to like the positive parts (if you don't go insane looking for them, however miniscule it may be) and want to continue to improve. It works for homework as well.

    I keep things pretty casual around here in the summer, we all need the break and it gives the kids the chance to work on social skills and conflict resolution (which we need). I also think it's important to let kids feel bored and have to figure out how to entertain themselves w/o tv or screens.


  5. My oldest is only 6 so she is really the only one with chores and responsibilities. She is also the only one who gets an allowance right now so every time she complains I remind her of that. We do workbooks and reading time also but don't time it. She has spelling words everyday (her school in Az was fast paced and really challenged the kids-a charter school also-so before we moved to TX. I got all the spelling words from the rest of 1st grade and all of 2nd grade so she can stay challenged- the spelling words at her new school are pretty much a joke for her but it's still a great school) she also has one sheet of math and then a reading comprehension page. She does all of this during quiet time while the younger 2 (3 and 2 months) nap. It takes her about 20 minutes top so I'm just wondering how you fill an entire hour! She also has reading and computer time which is also during nap time-give or take 2 to 3 hours depending on how long the younger 2 nap.

  6. I too need my schedule, but I also have throw away days too where we throw caution to the wind! This year we aren't doing workbooks, but I found some other things I think will be fun. The older boys are getting to spend time in these science books I found. What all our kids are doing is reading, reading. They will set a point goal that defines the number of books they read (and pass off with us) by the end of the summer for a reward if they reach their goal. We do morning jobs. Some of my kids get it-do the the work and move onto more freedom in their day. A couple of my kiddos spend all morning on their jobs and then miss out on time at the city pool, or something else we do later in the day. My hope is they will learn to manage their own time well. I love summer with my kids!

  7. My nine year old complained the other day that we are the only ones that have to do "chores" during the summer. Maybe I'll have to show her this post and comments.

    In other news, I don't feel qualified to post much in regards to moving since I haven't done it much. Reading your posts have made me appreciate this fact. I wanted to let you know you and your family are in my prayers as you go through this trail.


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