A Year Ago Today

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I lost a lot of water weight.

Some of you might remember these blog entries (this starts from the end of April, and you can read back through my TWELVE days of being overdue).

It truly was one of those days where I laid in bed and cried.

For particularly no good reason.  By jove, I was getting induced.  This isn’t to say that I wasn’t MISERABLE.  That pregnancy had more problems then I’d like to count, but hello, look how adorable she is now!

That’s also not to say that I’m an advocate for induction.  I don’t think people should get induced unless there is a ligitimate concern.  That concern shouldn’t be “your baby may be big.”  However, being possibly 12 days overdue (I only thought I was five, but I was overdue… and by more than a couple of days) was a pretty darn good reason.  Also that I’d had a large episiotomy with my first delivery, I had pelvic separation, I had glucose intolerance… oh, and Spencer was 9 pounds.  Induction was totally approrpiate, and actually continuing the pregnancy probably wasn’t that great of an idea.

I was talking to a friend who’s having her fourth on Friday and she said it was stupid but she was so nervous.  I told her it was totally legitimate, first or fourth it’s a HUGE change (especially for the mom — not to mention you’re looking at a whole day if induced pain, who wouldn’t be scared!).  Honestly, I think that’s what a lot of the crying was about that day.  When a new baby comes it’s a whole new world and I was stepping out of a world that had two kids who could compoletely dress and get in the car and do their carseats all by themselves.  I was entering chaos.

Who wouldn’t cry?

But it’s a reminder.  I have been reading about the Children of Isreal in the bible and I was so “brought to my knees” when they were complaining about the manna, they were just so tired of it.  And yet, their needs were being met.  What on earth was there to complain of, a lack of variety?

I think too often I’m complaining about my own manna.  My life is totally provided for, God ALWAYS watches out for us.  P came, and she was perfect and normal and I we are through with that first year in a blink of an eye.

Looking back is always interesting, isn’t it?

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    Looking back is definitely interesting…
    With my second I remember being in the delivery room, my water breaks, Jonathan called the nurse and I started crying – looking back now I think it was a ‘oh crap here it comes’ but it was also a culmination of a lot of expectation and worry – after no one came for ten minutes and a second call from my husband one of the first people in the room says ‘Why are you crying?’ looking totally dumbfounded (lucky for her I was still crying and hadn’t switch to the screaming gear yet)

    I was listening to an EFY tape in my car yesterday and the song said ‘If we could see the end so clear, we’d surely lose our fear.’ As a person who loves to plan and be prepared for every possible scenario it is hard for me to tuck in and enjoy the ride sometimes. But like President Hinckley says, things will all work out. We don’t always see how until we look back. But I also wonder if part of the reason things do work out is because of the work and the worry and sometimes the tears…

    Congrats Hilary! She’s beautiful!

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